Summer Camp Program

Summer Camp will begin June 13th (Earlier for private and Tarboro schools). Cost is $115 for one child and a family discount for two or more children.

Registration fee of $25 per child

Monday - Friday
Hours: 7:30 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. 
Tae Kwon Do Lessons
Daily field trips:

Mini Putt-Putt
All activities above are NO EXTRA COST!

MuSung Kids

Believe it or not, but you are never too young to begin training in martial arts. In fact, starting a martial arts program at a young age is more beneficial in the long run of a child's development.

Martial arts provide an invaluable life experience for kids. Kids can learn important life skills including stranger awareness, bully prevention, goal-setting, focus, self-confidence, patience, and leadership.  ADD and ADHD kids get the full benefit of the art of focusing and improving their retentive skills. All this and they get a great workout too!

Kids with a martial arts background are better prepared for future endeavours including school, university, and work. A boost of confidence at an early age gives these kids a chance to taste success, to feel good about their accomplishments, and to set even greater goals for their future. Why not give your child every opportunity to grow and succeed?

Unlike other sports, martial arts such as karate and taekwondo are cost effective options for parents researching athletic options for their child. 

Be assured that when you entrust your child to our staff, they will be treated with respect and dignity, and will receive the best instruction available in town. More importantly, your little one will have the most fun they've ever experienced.

We offer tentative pickup from:

Nashville Elementary

Coopers Elementary

Faith Christian School

Rocky Mount Academy

G.W. Bulluck Elementary School


Winstead Avenue Elementary

Englewood Elementary

Red Oak Middle

Benvenue Elementary

Nash Central Middle

RM Prep School

M.B. Hubbard

New Life Christian Academy

“Martial arts is not about fighting; it's about building character..”

After School Program

Come join our family at Mu Sung Martial Arts!

  • Transportation at school release
  • After school martial arts activities!
  • Homework time
  • Snack time
  • Early release and teacher's workdays NO EXTRA CHARGE!!!
  • Pick up time 6:15 p.m. 


How Can Your Child Benefit?

  • Improve Grades
  • Build confidence and self-discipline
  • Develop positive attitude
  • Respect for others including themselves

Discounts for Families


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