Mu Sung Martial Arts

​The learning never stops at Mu Sung Martial Arts.
We offer to pick your children up from their school and assist with their homework. We want to encourage our students to do their best, nothing less. All students are required to show their progress reports and report cards.  

Welcome to MuSung Martial Arts! We hope you like our redesigned website and we are updating the pages daily so please check back often.

"Mistakes are always forgivable but one should have the courage to admit them!."

-Brue Lee

  • Open Enrollment for Ages 5 and up
    After School Program Registration begins
    August 1st 2019
    July Special $49.95 includes free uniform and t-shirt for classes


Upcoming Events:

Tae Kwon Do for All Ages

Are you looking to improve your physical strength, speed, balance, flexibility, or stamina? Our classes combine aerobic and anaerobic workout routines. We include sparring with self-defense techniques as well as relaxation and meditation methods.

Focus, Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Self-confidence